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Earth HD Free Edition v3.0.3 (3.0.3) Android Apk

Written By Unknown on Monday, August 27, 2012 | 9:00 AM

Earth HD Free Edition v3.0.3

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Overview: Earth HD in 3D. Awesome live wallpaper.

Earth HD live wallpaper brings you the most beautiful and peaceful view of our planet.



Epic “Earth HD Deluxe Edition” is now for sale! Check out it’s features:

- Sun/Earth position mode depending on current date

- 5 different Earth themes with fully HD textures: Classic, Realistic, Future, Post-apocalyptic, Frozen earth

- Awesome satellite mode demo.

- HD stars background

- New “Frozen Earth” theme.

- New “Realistic” theme.

- Take 100% from HD textures detalization by customizing camera distance

- Can customize camera distance and offset (especially useful for tablets, helps to take 100% from HD texture detalization)

- 9 camera modes:

* Move (left-centered) – perfect for Samsung phones with TouchWiz (where main screen is the left one)

* Move (centered) – perfect for HTC Sense-based phones (where main screen is the center one)

* Orbit (left-centered) – perfect for Samsung phones with TouchWiz

* Orbit 2 (centered) – perfect for HTC Sense-based phones

* Fixed camera

* + 4 new AWESOME animated cameras

- Sun

Free version features:

- Classic theme HD textures

- Low-resolution (4 times smaller textures) themes: Future and post-apocalyptic

- Beautiful reflections

- 4 FPS limiting options to help your phone’s battery

- Realistic atmosphere

- Detalization customization

- Lights on the night side

- Earth’s rotation speed customization

- 3 camera modes: Orbit / Fixed / Linear move

- 100% 3D using OpenGL ES 2.0 / C++ for best performance

- Beautiful stars background

IMPORTANT. If you’ll find any bugs please write me an e-mail. In most cases i can’t fix them if you’ll report them in comments.

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