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Alpha – Your voice assistant v1.9.3.3 ( Android Apk App

Written By Unknown on Sunday, September 30, 2012 | 9:00 AM

Alpha – Your voice assistant v1.9.3.3

Alpha can research data and facts and execute commands – it knows what you want and talks with you!

You can talk with Alpha about the weather, call contacts and much more.

Say for example “How is the weather today in Cologne?” and Alpha will show you the relevant weather data for Cologne.

Simply ask Alpha for anything that interests you:

∙ How far is it from Cologne to Berlin?

∙ How many people live in Germany?

∙ What is Google?

∙ Who is Angela Merkel?

∙ Show me a picture of the Eiffel Tower.

∙ How will be the weather like in Paris?

∙ How’s the weather? (automatic position detection)

∙ What is the capital of Turkey?

∙ Where am I? (automatic position detection)

∙ What means hello in Japanese?

∙ Calculate 3 times 8 minus root of tangent of 3.

∙ What is 2 times pi?

∙ What is my horoscope?

∙ Show me my calendar.

∙ Do I have an appointment on Friday?

∙ Events from the next day after tomorrow.

∙ Do I have appointments from Tuesday till Friday 14 o’clock?

∙ Write an SMS to John Doe.

∙ Create a new event.

∙ Remind me tomorrow at 5 o’clock to the meeting with Peter.

∙ Who was the leading actor of the movie Avatar?

∙ Who directed in Avatar?

∙ How long takes the film Avatar?

∙ My name is Peter. (oder in den Einstellungen)

∙ My zodiac sign is Aries. (for horoscopes)

∙ Call my wife.

∙ What RTL?

∙ Go to Facebook.

∙ Search for Wikipedia antimatter.

∙ Open TheTimes.co.uk.

∙ TV program tomorrow at evening on ZDF.

∙ Wake me up at 6 o’clock.

∙ When does FSV Mainz 05 vs FC Cologne play?

∙ How did Bayern München vs Borussia Dortmund played?

∙ Write an e-mail.

∙ Navigate to London.

∙ Search for restaurants near to me.

∙ Are there cafés here?

∙ Navigate to the nearest doctor.

∙ Search for a shop in Hamburg.

∙ Switch the light on.

∙ Light off.

∙ Set the timer to 3 minutes and 10 seconds.

∙ Timer at 20 o’clock.

… and much more!

Of course these are only examples – Alpha understands you too, if you speak colloquially. We use the Intelligent Recognition Resampler™ method, which is analyzing your speech several times with the help of a huge database – which is growing every day – and providing the best results.

That means: Up to 60% better voice recognition!

And the best of all: Alpha improves daily, with your help!

Alpha didn’t understand something correctly – or something does not work?

This is normal. Alpha is still under development and it can sometimes lead to discrepancies. Send us an e-mail, for example via the feedback menu item. We will help you in any case!

On the Play Store, we can not answer you, unfortunately.

Requirements By Download Apk Files | Android Apps | Android Market | Edroidandroid.blogspot.com:

Speech recognition module, e.g. Google Voicesearch or Vlingo (both for free on the Play Store)

The online TTS is powered by iSpeech®.

What’s in this version : (Updated : Sep 29, 2012)

critical bugfix

Coming soon:

Music functionality and Alpha in English

Required Android O/S : 2.1+





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