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Spearfishing 2 Pro (2) Android Apk Game

Written By Unknown on Wednesday, September 19, 2012 | 9:00 AM

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Get ready for more adventures and deep sea action in Spearfishing 2!

Pro version key features:

★ All inclusive diving gear pack

★ 30.000 Fish bucks for unlocking all the diving locations

Additional Features:

★ Amazing 3D graphics, animation and visual effects

★ Hunt 20 types of fish and marine creatures

★ Choose from four different diving locations: the lagoon, shallow water, deep water, and ice water, including a bonus challenge to hunt a creature not seen for millennia…

★ Each diving location offers five levels of difficulty

★ Earn Fish$ with each successful task completion.

★ Select from an inventory of diving gear to improve your hunting experience and increase your Fish$ (Fish Bucks) earnings!

★ Social media integration – Get bonus Fish$ each time you post your score to Facebook

★ GREE (former OpenFeint) Support

Good luck hunting!


Tips & Tricks


★ Calibrate the accelerometer on the “Settings” menu.

★ Change the joystick’s sensitivity on the “Settings” menu.

★ Improve your game performance with better hunting and diving gear from the Fish$ Store.

★ Boost your speed when you use your fins. Be aware! You will deplete oxygen with each boost. Hint: buy extra oxygen tanks

★ Sonar helps you detect fish around you. The red dots represent predators, green dots represent the fish you are tasked to hunt and the yellow dots are other fish in the sea.

★ Predator or prey? Tap on the fish to learn more about it.

★ Unlock the dive locations with Fish$ that you earn for playing successfully. To unlock a location faster, you can purchase additional F$ from the Fish$ Store. Hint: earn even more F$ by posting your score to Facebook!

★ Post your score to Facebook and earn more Fish$!

★ Learn your new task by select the green flashing envelope.

★ The faster you complete your task, the bigger Fish$ bonus you will receive! Hint: purchase hunting and diving gear to improve your performance.

★ Tasks have varying degrees of difficulty. The harder the task, the bigger the Fish$ reward!

★ Depth information, number of fish caught and their weight are shown on the left panel.

★ View the fish you caught in the Gallery.

★ Health status and lives remaining are located on the right panel.



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